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The "99 System" and Process

Unlock the financial secrets of the 99 PROGRAM that have saved tens of thousands of families hundreds of millions in debt and interest. Watch this eye-opening 18-minute video to discover what most people don't know about money!


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For over two decades, 101 Financial has been serving families worldwide, helping tens of thousands of students achieve financial success.


In its 20-year journey, the company has curated a team of top-tier "A" players, propelling it to become an INC 500 company.


With continually evolving proprietary technology, 101 has emerged as an industry leader and pioneer, proving its resilience over time.


With nearly 1,000 instructors gathered over the years, 101 can provide each student with the personalized guidance and direction that contribute to the program's remarkable success.


Over the past 20+ years, 101 has meticulously fine-tuned its systems, processes, and education into a sought-after program that guarantees success if followed.


The decade-old 101 affiliate program has now been enhanced to V2.0, making it one of the easiest-to-use and most effective income generators available.

The "Affiliate Program" And Wealth Building

Affiliate programs have been around for decades.  They Work.  But some work better than others.  We've layered our 20 years of knowledge and cutting-edge technology to create a referral compensation model unlike any other.

It’s simple, easy, effective, and lucrative as possible. This program pays for itself and more…

Experience the power of streamlined processes, enhanced tracking technology, and lucrative commission structures. Join us and discover how effortless and rewarding affiliate marketing and extra income can truly be.

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The "Results"... Financial Clarity & Wealth

Our 101 Financial systems and processes remove the guesswork and ongoing burden for families, offering clear steps to follow. Paired with your private personal instructor, 101 ensures customized direction and quick results — essential in today's world, where banks, institutions, and more often prey on everyday people.

Welcome to the 101 Ohana Wealth Building Program! We provide comprehensive solutions to help you eliminate debt, streamline your finances, and boost your income with effective wealth-building strategies—all while maintaining your current lifestyle.


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